I'm a Senior Industrial Designer based In Istanbul, Turkiye.
I am a designer with over 12 years of professional experience in the field. I specialize in micro-mobility and entertainment projects. My extensive experience and accumulated knowledge in these areas have deeply connected me to my projects with a passionate drive. Additionally, I possess a creative outlook and a technical mindset, allowing me to approach my designs holistically by blending aesthetics with technical know-how.

I find that my best work comes to fruition when collaborating with like-minded professionals who share my enthusiasm for creating exceptional user experiences. I firmly believe that teamwork enhances creativity and leads to more successful outcomes. Combining our ideas inspires each other to craft innovative and captivating designs.

Focusing on micro-mobility and entertainment projects has allowed me to develop a specific expertise and a unique skill set. Micro-mobility plays a crucial role in transforming urban transportation, while entertainment projects bring meaning and joy to people's lives. My goal is to design products and services that provide unforgettable experiences for users.

Not only am I a designer, but I also have a keen interest in technology and engineering. With my technical knowledge, I can transform my design visions into real-world, feasible, and sustainable projects. In this regard, I meticulously manage the prototyping and testing phases, which are critical milestones in the design process.

My future aspiration is to leverage my creative thinking and technical expertise to undertake more innovative and user-centric projects in the micro-mobility and entertainment sectors. Simultaneously, I aim to stay abreast of changing trends and emerging technologies in the design world, providing my projects and clients with the most up-to-date and practical solutions.

In conclusion, my extensive career experience and passion make me a unique designer. With my holistic approach, collaborative spirit, and specialized focus, I aspire to continue contributing to successful projects that prioritize the user experience.
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